Our congregation spreads beyond India, even to San Miniato diocese in Italy; a new convent was set up for our new ministry there in Castelfranco Parish on 25.08.2002.


With a view to give thanks to God for all the good He had done and was doing to our Congregation of the sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus during the past fifty years 1952-2002, the Golden Jubilee was celabrated in a fitting manner at Kurusady in Kottar diocese on 17.05.2002. The same was celebrated in a grand manner also in Rangapuram, Vellore diocese on
At the foot of the hill near Chenganatham, Vellore, in the place now called "Ithaya Nagar", the Generalate House was completed and blessed by the bishop of Vellore, Rt. Rev. Chinnappa on 11.06.1999.
Mother Margheret was born in heaven as she passes away on 16.01.1999.
Through the tremendous efforts of Sr. Selin Mary, the school in Soosai Nagar first became a High School and soon a Higher Secondary School in the year 1998-1999.
With the blessings of the bishop of Vellore, Rt. Rev. Chinnappa, the second General chapter was held in Rangapuram. In this Sr. Thangapushpam was elected as the Superior General on 03.12.1997.
“The trust of Mother Scholastica” was started with the blessings of the Superior General Sr. Selin Mary on 14.10.1994.
  1.  The book entitled, “Annaiyin Anmigam” which describes the life and the spirituality of our Mother Foundress, and which will be the guidebook for all in our Congregation, was released on 12.10.1994.
The bishop of Vellore, Rt. Rev. Chinnappa, issues his decree of erection of our Congregation as one of diocesan right that has got the papal approval, on 11.02.1994.
Mother Scholastica, our Foundress, passes away and goes to her eternal reward in Heaven on 12.10.1993.
Through the prayers of Mother Scholastica, Sr. Rose who had earlier left our congregation, came back and joined us again on 28.05.1993
Our new constitutions were promulgated by the legitimate authority in 1993.
The approval of the Pious Union as a religious institute was got from Roman Dicastery on 29.09.1992.
The Golden Jubilee of Mother Scholastica, the Foundress of our institute was celebrated in Rangapuram, Vellore, in a grant way on 06.12.1991.
The first General Chapter, with the blessings of the bishop of Vellore, Rt. Rev. Michael Augustine, was held in the Novitiate House, Rangapuram.
The joyous day when the final vows were first pronounced in Kurusady by Mother Scholastica, Mother Margaret and Mother Agnes in the presence of Rt. Rev. Leon Dharmaraj, the bishop of Kottar on 21.50 1990. It was the Feast of the Nativity of our Lady, in the Millennium year of 2000; and the place where these vows were taken was the Novitiate House, Rangapuram, Vellore
Our Pious Union was accepted as a member of the C.R.I on 21.06.1987.
The younger sister of Mother Scholastica, who as Assistant Mother and councilor had been helping the General in many ways, Mother Margaret by name, was laid up in bed by paralysis on 06.08.1986.
Twenty one sisters take their First Vows in the newly approved Pious Union on 08.09.1985.
  1.  With the blessings of the bishop of Vellore, Rt. Rev. Michael Augustine and through the support of Fr. Xavier, the Novitiate Horse was built in Rangapuram, Vellore. It was blessed by the bishop himself on 13.12.1984.
Our first General Meeting is held in Kurusady in Kottar diocese, under the guidance of Mother Scholastica and our first councilors were elected on 25.05.1983.
Through the efforts of the new bishop of Vellore Rt. Rev. Michael Augustine, in Soosai Nagar, first formation house, our Novitiate was started on 10.05.1982.
Rt. Rev. Antonymuthu, the bishop of Vellore, who had been our patron and who had helped us to grow a lot, goes to his eternal reward in heaven on 19.12.1980.
  1. At Anaikkarai in Tuticorin diocese, a Mercy Home for the physically handicapped and the mentally retarded was started on 17.09.1980.
With the blessings of the bishop of Vellore and with the help of Bro. Thomas SHJ, a new convent and a school were started in Susai Nagar in Vellore Diocese on 12.06 1979.
 With the approval and blessings of the bishop of Vellore, Rt. Rev. Antony Muthu, and through the ceaseless work of Bro. Thomas SHJ, the Pious Union of the Little Sisters of Jesus was re-named as the Pious Union of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and was accepted as such by Vellore Diocese on 03.12.1978.
With the collaboration of Most Rev. Leonard SJ, the Archbishop of Madurai, our constitutions were framed for the first time: 06.06.1978.
As a souvenir of the silver Jubilee of our Pious Union, the bishop of Tutucorin, Rt. Rev. Ambrose inaugurated a new building at Azhagappapuram : 25.05.1978.
With the permission and blessings of the bishop of Vellore, Rt. Rev. Antonymuthu and with the help of Bro. Thomas SHJ, a new convent was started in Athipet in Jawadhu Hills in Vellore diocese and it was blessed, and opened by no less a person than the Pope’s Delegate, Most. Rev. Luciano Storegaro on 11.10.1977.
In the presence of the Vicar General of Kottar diocese, Rev. Fr. Vilwarayar, at Kurusady, our first six sisters consecrated themselves to the Lord : 17.01.1968.
The day of Expansion. With the permission and blessings of the bishop of Kottar, Rt. Rev. Agnisamy and with the support of Fr. Antonymuthu, our field of ministry was extended to Kurusady : 29.10.1967.
The Joyous Day. When the first home for the children was started 07.08.1964.
The Happy Day  When Fr. Manickam was parish priest, the Blessed Sacrament, which had been taken away from the residence of the sisters, was once again put back there 07.12.1956.
The Foundation Day. With the permission of the Bishop of Tuticorin, Rt. Rev. Roche, and with the support of Fr. Navamony, in Azhagappapuram, the Pious Union of the Little Sisters of Jesus (now changed into the Congregation of the sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus) was started: 21.06.1952.
The Inspiration Day in 1951 the fourth day of her annual Retreat, Mother, after  receiving Holy Communion during Mass was inspired to start a new religious Congregation on her own under the name of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, with a view of helping the poor, evangelization and such works.
The glorious day when Mother Scholastica was born: 15.10.1917.