Devotion to Sacred Heart

One of the most important missions of our Congregation is working hard to promote wherever and whenever it is possible, the devotion to the most Sacred Heart of Jesus. Wherever our sisters are working we can very well see the flourishing of the piety of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, especially in the month of June - dedicated to the Sacred Heart, in every house the enthronement of the Sacred Heart as the head of the family, pious associations in the name of the Sacred Heart to promote piety accompanied with small charitable activities.


We feel Evangelization as the core of our call and our mission. As St. Paul says, we are convinced "Our mission becomes futile unless we preach the Word of God". Hence the mission of evangelization takes the centre place in all our activities in the local as well as in the regional pastoral missions. Mother Scholastica continuously insisted that for our sisters, the mission of evangelization should become the one side of a coin while the other is, of course, charitable activities. Keeping the Lord as our model, and having gospel in our hand, our sisters are working hard towards this goal.


Today, in almost all our mission centres, our sisters dedicate a lot of time for evangelization work. They visit houses without the barrier of rich-poor, high-low caste or class they belong to. They visit the sick people. They try to give voice for the poor and the marginalized. Imitating Jesus our sisters are trying to spend lot of time towards the realization of this Gospel command: "Go into all the world and proclaim the Good News to the whole creation…(Mk 16:15)..I am with you always to the end of the age" (Mt 28:20)

Care for Abandoned Children

One of the main concerns in our mission remains the service to the poor, downtrodden and the abandoned. Our Congregation opts in a very special way to serve these extremely poor people who have no means of livelihood through different homes, institutions, orphanages, handicapped homes, home for the destitute etc.

In fact the pioneering mission centre Mother Scholastica started was St.Joseph's home for the abandoned in Azhagappapuram. From that day on, our Congregation stands in the forefront in this mission regardless of the paramount difficulties we face in this regard. We have a crèche at Kurusady community where there are about 125 children taken care of by our sisters with motherly care and love. Five sisters are doing this service for these babies.

we have eleven orphanages where there are about 2,500 children are taken care of by our sisters. These children are orphans, semi orphans, socially downtrodden, economically very poor but intellectually very sound. We take care of them emotionally and spiritually.

Today more than ever we are concentrating very much on this mission. Wherever and whenever it is possible, our sisters try to have a home for the marginalized and the ill-fed people. Some of the prestigious institutions we are running in collaboration with the European dioceses like, Firenze speaks in a loud voice that how much we are concentrated around this mission in all our pastoral endeavours.

Care for guiding Girl Students

The slavery of women is the greatest evil which hinders the growth of our modern society. Emancipation of women is a must in order to build a better society and better future. Having this goal in mind, to eradicate illiteracy and all other social evils from women, our sisters try to reach out them (girls), through different formative houses, hostels, etc.

We know it is not an easy task to change the plight of our women, as long as our male dominated, masculine centered social system is placed in our society. But taking inspiration and courage from Jesus and from His teachings, our sisters are working hard towards this noble goal through special awareness classes, seminars, work shops and women emancipation programs.


No doubt, in the near future there will be a change in our social order where our women also will be able to enjoy the great Gospel privileges of equality, justice and freedom in their life.

Medical Mission

Our service to the abandoned demands in a very special way our attention to medical care for poor people in villages who have no access even to elementary medical care and health facilities. Hence, we tend to have different medical centers, dispensaries and first-aid places with a qualified or an experienced sister to cater the sick and visit their houses particularly whenever the elderly or the sickly need our help and presence.

A regular visit in the villages often make their suffering light and helps them for a better and a happier life. The evangelist Luke proclaims us that at sunset, all who had sick people with various diseases, brought them to Jesus. He laid His hands on each of them and cured them (4:40). Following the path of our Supreme Healer Jesus Christ we are rendering our service to the sick who are in need of our care and concern.

We have twenty dispensaries in rural areas where there is no hospital. Fully qualified nurses are employed in these dispensaries to take care of the health of the local people. There are about 30 sisters doing this ministry. Few part time doctors also visit our dispensaries to treat the sick. In all these places our sisters are spreading the Good News that God loves them and takes care for them.
In the recent past, seeing the emergence of an acute need for more health care centers and dispensaries we have also started a college to prepare professional nurses and other medical workers.

Social Work

The social, economical and political situation of our society pose a great challenge for our religious call and it demands a dedicated service from all of us in the social field. As our Charism is service to the abandoned, we can never ignore this great call of Jesus and we are all obliged to liberate our people from these deep rooted and inhuman social evils. Hence, listening to the words of the Second Vatican Council (the Church in the Modern World, which calls for our social involvement) and reading the signs of the times, many of our sisters jointly try to study, analyze, organize, agitate and to work for the eradication of these social evils from our society.

Although it is a huge task, our hope is to contribute a little from our part so that one day we will be able to build the Kingdom of God in our land, without suffering, exploitation and other social evils.

Through Self help groups the women are motivated to understand the real situation of life.

Through family visits the sisters try to understand their problems in life and guide them to overcome all the difficulties by prayer and dialogue.

Through awareness and training programs we teach and train the women about their rights and privileges in the society. Adult Education is a regular feature of our sisters to eradicate illiteracy from the people.

Care for Hadicapped & Old

The most neglected ones in our society are the handicapped and the aged. From the beginning days of our Congregation our sisters had a very special attachment towards the old and the handicapped. We always felt the need to support these less privileged people independent of their social or familial situations.

The Mercy Home in Anaikarai and the supporting houses in Kurusady and Azhagappapuram are some of the oldest ones in the region to help the mentally and physically challenged, and the aged people of the locality. Jesus says, "Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me" (Mt 25:40).



Basing our faith on this fundamental teaching of Jesus, we strive hard not only in our institutes but also in our parish activities to give preferential attention and option always towards these people.

The simple joy and happiness that we see in their face is the greatest reward our Congregation continues to look forward to.

Sacrament Preparation

The constitution of our Congregation clearly outlines the role of our sisters to prepare and lead the faithful frequently to the reception of all the Sacraments and above all that of Reconciliation. Besides the personal pardon of God and His renewing love to the recipient, the Sacraments build up our Christian community and manifest our special bond within the Church. The regular participation of the Sacraments continuously renew and reform the face of the Christian community in accordance with the teaching of Jesus.


Catechism classes, regular monthly Mass and Confession organized in our schools, house visits, participation in the pious associations, organizing days of retreat, recollection and prayer are some of the methods through which we continue this apostolate. Our support to prepare the young brides and grooms for their marriage, the long and continuous preparatory classes for young children before First Communion and Confirmation are some of the well known activities which has earned great appreciation and lot of respect in our pastoral fields.


The greatest glory of God is man fully alive. "A human being cannot attain his full heights until he is educated" (Horace Mann). Our Congregation has the goal of giving greater glory to God through the apostolate of education and educational institutions. "Education is… the lighting of the fire" (William Butler). Through the formal and non-formal education we impart in our institutions we try to kindle the noble biblical fire of love, justice, freedom and equality in the hearts and minds of young ones.


The drop out students, the students who are behind others also get very special attention in our institutions. Beyond classes and divisions our apostolate is all inclusive and helps all of them, for excellence and success. Jesus came to give fuller life to us. It is this fuller life our educational institutions are looking forward to share with every one of us.

Our schools feed a child physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually. We create an environment of learning in which a combination of academic knowledge and practical skills are increasingly needed from producing a competent citizenry.


We have schools at different places were the education is provided with care and concern, taking care of the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual needs of the children. The children are given not only good education but also the necessary training for their future life. For the youth of today the value based education is given through seminars, workshops and functions.