First Director

Very Rev. Msgr. Navamoni - First Director of the Congregation (1952-1967)

Msgr. Navamoni was the parish priest of Azhagappapuram in the initial days of our Congregation. During this time, Mother Scholastica through Rev. Sr. Margheret (Co-Foundress) requested Msgr. Navamoni to help them to begin a new religious Congregation. Without hesitation, he came forward to help them and got permission from the bishop of Tuticorin the Most Rev. Roch, to begin a new Pious Association.

The first community resided in Azhagappapuram. Since then, the parish priest of Azhagappapuram Rev. Msgr. Navamoni helped the sisters in many ways and above all, appointed 4 sisters as teachers in the parish school.

As the first director of the Congregation, he has been fondly remembered as the one who journeyed together with the sisters, in their ups and downs during the initial days of the Congregation.

Second Director

Rev. Fr. Anthonymuthu (Later Bishop of Vellore) - Second Director of the Congregation (1967-1971)

After 15 years of great difficulties in Azhgappapuram Rev. Fr. Anthonymuthu (later Bishop of Vellore), parish priest of Kurusady, diocese of Kottar has been extremely kind to the sisters and took extra efforts to bring the Congregation to its next level with the blessings and permission of Rt. Rev. Angniswamy, bishop of Kottar. During his time, the sisters began their mission in the parish of Kurusady. Fr.Antonymuthu also registered our Pious Union as a society according to the Government law.

During the period of Fr. Antonymuthu, the sisters felt a new ray of hope and vigour among all their tribulations and his great contribution remains in re-vitalizing the Congregation in its new vision and mission in the new fertile soil of Kottar Diocese.

Third Director

Rev. Fr. Mathias - Third Director of the Congregation (1971-1977)

Rev. Fr. Mathias was appointed as the next Director of the Congregation by the Most Rev. Agniswamy, the bishop of kottar after Rev. Fr. Anthonymuthu was elected as the bishop of Vellore.

Fr. Mathias focused his attention on the all-round growth of the Congregation. Especially, during his time the sponsorship program and many other development projects were initiated by him. Our mission slowly began to flourish in the new diocese and the service of our first sisters became an effective one in the grass-root level.

Fourth Director

The Most Rev. Bishop Anthonymuthu - Fourth Director of the Congregation (1977-1981)

After bishop Anthonymuthu was consecrated as the bishop of Vellore, a new page was opened in the life and mission of the sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He upgraded the Pious Association of the sisters to the higher level of Diocesan Pious Association. Under him the mission and the vision of the Congregation grew into new heights. Day by day it spreads its roots in different places like Athipet, Susainagar etc.

Bishop Anthonymuthu shows special interest in the formation of the sisters. Educational mission, Evangelization, service to the abandoned, building up grass-root groups etc became the prime concerns of the sisters.

With the blessings of the then Madras-Mylapore Archbishop, Most Rev. Arulappa, he helped the sisters to begin new missionary activities in the capital city of Tamilnadu, Chennai. During this time the Congregation had its glorious beginning and moved quickly towards becoming a Diocesan Congregation.

Fifth Director

Rt. Rev. Bishop Micheal Augustine - Fifth Director of the Congregation (1981-1991)

The most important contribution of bishop Micheal Augustine is, upgrading the Diocesan pious association of the sisters into the "Vellore Diocesan Congregation", with the blessings and permission of the Holy father John Paul II. Under his guidance the constitution of the Congregation received its final form and perfection.

Bishop Micheal Augustine started the novitiate in Susainagar with 15 sisters and with the co-operation of Rev. Fr. Xavier, he helped to build a new novitiate house at Rangapuram. He made significant contributions for the initial institutional and structural forms of the Congregation.

Sixth Director

The Most Rev. Bishop Chinnappa - Sixth Director of the Congregation (1992-2006)

The most important contribution of Rt. Rev. Bishop Chinnappa is the declaration of the Congregation as the Vellore Diocesan Congregation. He was very much concerned about the Congregation and its mission and with his blessings the Congregation focused its mission more and more to the service of the abandoned in different parts of Tamil Nadu. Our mission even spread to the western European countries like Italy. New communities started to grow in different parts of Italy during his tenure.

His elevation to the capital as the Archbishop of Madras - Mylapore diocese is a living example of his ability to help our sisters to grow in various fields.

Seventh Director

The Most Rev. Bishop Soundaraj - Seventh Director of the Congregation (2006-Till)

The Most Rev. Bishop Soundaraj is guiding the Congregation at the moment as a loving father and helping us in numerous ways with his guidance and blessings to make our mission a fruitful one, even in remote mission areas like the diocese of Meerut and Varanasi. By his exceptional interest in the Congregation he helps our sisters to be formed and transformed in the image of Christ and to grow in our mission day by day especially for the abandoned.

With all his busy schedule he has been always kind enough to take time for our sisters, in visiting them, guiding them, giving talks, spiritual conferences, etc. His ever-readiness to help our Congregation has opened a new era in the close co-operation between the Congregation and the Diocese in their vision and mission.