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In today’s world, man is often challenged with lot of conflicts, tensions and paradoxes. Modern gadgets like computer, Information and communication technologies, face book and twitter have almost become substitutes for important Gospel values. This fast growing world is also promoting isolation, exclusion, displacement and disrespect. More and more people are becoming marginalized and excluded from the main stream of the society.

In this challenging situation the sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus are called to focus their service for the less privileged people. They want to be a fire that kindles the love of Jesus in the hearts of the millions. They want to promote the spirituality of love in all their works and ministries.

How our sisters have struggled in the past to help thousands of people to find meaning in their life?

How our sisters selflessly dedicated themselves, in their strive to liberate and lift many from poverty, injustice, exploitation and violence?

How our sisters tried to see themselves from the perspective of the poor and the marginalized, learning from them and acting with and for them?

Our reflections along these historical perspectives show that the history of our Congregation is not a rich tale of triumph and tragedy, pain and pleasure, tides and winds and a powerful surge of feelings and a trend of events, It is a difficult one, a journey which had a very strong faith and a radical trust in the powerful providence of God.